Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Inspection

Cleaning and inspection of part of the Harris County MUD 102 sanitary sewer system is scheduled to begin December 6th. Notices to individual residence in the work areas are being distributed with details of the work. Residents may notice a cloud of steam rising from the work area, THIS IS NORMAL.  To avoid odors from entering your home, please fill your plumbing traps and floor drains with water by the dates listed below. If any problems occur with your sewer service during the work, please contact T Gray Utlity at 281-979-1494 or 832-660-5300.

Work Locations: Week of December 6th through 10th:

  • Kentwick Drive: December 6th
  • Langham Drive: December 7th
  • Kingfield Drive: December 8th
  • Kentwick Drive: December 9th
  • Falmouth Drive: December 10th