Final Harvey Debris Pick-Up – November 5th

Dear Residents,

You may have seen the yellow signs below at the entries to your neighborhood. The purpose of this email is to pass along information from Harris County relating to the deadline, as follows:

The November 5th deadline and pick-up the following week applies to all flooded areas as this will be the final pass for pick-up…anything put out to the curb after November 5th will not be picked up. It will be the homeowners responsibility.

We urge you to help your neighbors to be aware of these deadlines as you deem appropriate. We believe that the County has done an outstanding job on debris collection, especially given the size of the task. And we want you to understand that our District’s normal garbage collection contract does NOT include the collection of storm debris or major construction debris, so we feel it’s important that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Board of Directors
Harris County MUD 102