Heroes in Action: Sheriff’s Office Commends 2 Deputies

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Commendation

On February 26, 2015, Deputy Huey Townley and Deputy Pete Smith responded to an In Progress Aggravated Assault. The deputies were advised that a female was beating and stabbing a small child. Due to the deputies being assigned to the Harris County Municipal Utility District 102 they were in close proximity and had a response time to the scene of less than one minute.

Upon the deputies arrival they observed a female assaulting a small child. They attempted to pull the woman off the child, but she resisted. Deputy Townley forcibly removed the woman and both deputies
detained her.

Deputy Smith and Deputy Townley then focused their efforts on the child. The child had life threatening injuries to include severe blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds. The child was unresponsive
but breathing and deputies began lifesaving first aid. Deputy Smith applied pressure to the child’s wounds while Deputy Townley assisted and directed efforts for the response of a life flight helicopter. The actions of Deputy Smith and Deputy Townley are a positive reflection on the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and all first responders.