Early Trash Collection Monday July 13th

Due to heat advisory, Texas Pride Disposal trucks will begin collecting trash at 6:00 a.m. this Monday.

Please tell your neighbors about this short notice change.

We want our trash collectors to stay safe in the heat.

Do Not Flush Masks or Gloves

Harris County MUD 102 is currently experiencing an issue with people flushing face masks and gloves down their commodes. This is causing problems for sanitary sewer lines and lift station pumps within the District. Please do not flush face masks or gloves down your toilets and dispose of them into your trash receptacles.

CIPP Repair

Granite Construction anticipates making internal repairs to the sanitary sewer line located at the intersection of W. Little York and Addicks Satsuma on June 9-10, 2020. The existing sanitary sewer line will be repaired with a cured in place plastic pipe that will restore the integrity of the pipe.

Anyone passing by should see several trucks working and potentially steam exuding from the sanitary sewer manholes at the intersection. This is all normal.

We request that the residents in the area minimize their water use during this period by waiting to wash dishes and clothing until after 7 P.M. each day.